Emmaus Suffolk 'Pay it Forward' Mask Donation

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Will reach Emmaus on the 5th June when we receive them.
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

Emmaus Suffolk is a independent local charity and offers a new and different way of increasing the chances for the homeless and long term unemployed in Suffolk.

They require around 150 masks for their staff, volunteers and service users. Your purchase would go direct to them. Once purchased we will inform Emmaus and we will let them choose the mask colour.

We are working with Emmaus Suffolk to offer this as they have identified that they and their users could benefit from these products.

They will reach Emmaus on a weekly basis when we delivery them.

These masks, are like all the masks we offer...This is not PPE designed for hospitals or healthcare workers. This is a face cover that is designed for use by the general public to reduce the risk of transmission (both ways). As individuals can be pre-symptomatic and/or asymptomatic, the masks we are offering are about reducing risk.
Single fabric layer has a 73% filtration efficiency of surgical masks (Source)
18%-50% of people are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic (Source A, Source B)
You're most infectious during the first week (Source)
Works to stop both aerosol and droplets (Source)
Additional Information:
1. As of Friday 24th July 2020, the UK Government has made it compulsory to wear a face covering in shops and supermarkets in England. This is in addition the the requirement to wear on public transport from June 2020. Children under 11 and those with certain disabilities are exempt. 
2. WHO recommends wearing mask by people with infection symptoms in order to protect infection spreading
3. Mask doesn't protect from infection or contagion, but can serve as a reinforcement of the preventive measures. Even while wearing mask keeping all hygienic rules and precaution steps are highly recommended

For more information on Emmaus Suffolk please visit: https://emmaus.org.uk/suffolk/

Your details won't be shared with the charity but if they want to get in touch with those who have donated masks we will contact you to ask your permission.